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Red Light Traffic Camera

The legal status and validity of tickets issued by red light cameras has been in question for some time in Missouri. Under the terms of a proposed settlement of a class action settlement, nearly 900,000 people who received the tickets may be eligible for a partial refund of any fines that were paid. The lawsuit …

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IRS, MO State Govt Crackdown on Unemployment Claims

The Crack Down Begins The State of Missouri is teaming up with the IRS to crack down on fraudulent unemployment claims.  In 2014, over 4,500 unemployment claims were filed, and more than $19.7 million in overpaid benefits were paid in 2013.  The State of Missouri is actively seeking to recover the overpaid benefits with the …

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Means Test and Bankruptcy

Deciding to file for bankruptcy is a big decision and should always be made with the assistance and advice of a qualified St. Louis bankruptcy attorney. However, deciding to file is only the first step of the sometimes complex bankruptcy process. If you are considering bankruptcy, you should always have the guidance of an experienced …

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VA Bills

Government demands widow repay mistaken VA payments, plus interest. The widow of a WWII vet says she didn’t want to take VA benefits, but the government insisted. Now bureaucrats want the money back, with interest. Fox 2`s Chris Hayes dug into a bizarre battle over thousands of dollars, despite a widow`s desire to do the …

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Tonight will be another appearance for me and a client on Fox 2 News. The client is the widow of a WW2 vet who fought in the Battle of the Bulge and she is having issues with the VA over their mistake. Chris Hayes will have my appearance on the 6pm broadcast. As a retired …

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Unemployment Cases in St Louis and willful misconduct

If you are fired from a job, Missouri law1 makes you ineligible for unemployment benefits if you were let go due to misconduct connected with your work. However, the law provides no further guidance on what type of misconduct can disqualify you, the required severity of the conduct, and more. Specifically, courts must find that …

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Grandparents Visitation Rights During Divorce

While divorce clearly has an effect on the spouses and any children they may have, the dissolution of a marriage can also affect extended family members, as well. Grandparents in particular who have an especially close bond with their grandchildren may suffer in a divorce. In certain situations, a parent with primary custody will not …

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unemployment constructive discharge

At the Law Offices of Kenneth P. Carp, our experienced attorneys are committed to helping individuals and companies in the St. Louis and St. Charles areas receive fair outcomes in cases involving unemployment benefits. If you are involved on either side of an unemployment dispute, please call our office today at (314)942-3005 to discuss how …

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

What is Debt Reaffirmation in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? The fundamental principle behind Chapter 7 bankruptcy1 is the liquidation of a debtor’s assets in order to pay off his or her debts. As a result, one of the reasons that people are wary about taking advantage of the benefits of bankruptcy is the the worry that …

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Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcies are filed under federal law in federal court, therefore any attempt to defraud the court is a federal crime. The penalties for bankruptcy fraud include up to five years in prison and/or costly fines. There are many different reasons a bankruptcy trustee may suspect a filer is trying to commit bankruptcy fraud. The best …

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