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Unemployment Misconduct Lawyer St. Louis

Not everyone who is terminated from his or her job is entitled to unemployment benefits. Eligibility is based on a variety of factors, including the reason for termination. However, just because an employee’s termination was justified does not mean that that employee cannot receive unemployment benefits. The employer must still prove misconduct occurred in order …

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St. Louis Probate Attorney

Choosing an executor is one of the most important parts of drafting your will. The executor will be responsible for carrying out the terms of your will, distributing your assets, and finalizing your estate. Missouri law sets out requirements for who can serve, outlines the responsibilities of the executor, and establishes guidelines for compensation. Duties …

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St Louis Unemployment Lawyer

Most people recognize the sacrifice our military servicemen and women make for our country. From the intense training of boot camp to the constant relocation to different bases and especially their lives on the front line, their efforts do not go unappreciated. However, one aspect that is sometimes overlooked is the sacrifice that the spouses …

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St. Louis and St. Charles Real Estate Lawyer

The vast majority of residential home purchases are relatively simple transactions that involve boilerplate forms. As such, they are usually handled by real estate agents and brokers alone without the involvement of attorneys. However, there are several reasons why you might want to think about hiring an attorney to represent you when buying a house. …

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Unemployment Lawyer in MS

Unemployment benefits are designed to help employees bridge the gap for unexpected and unmerited gaps in employment. Since most employers can hire and fire at will, this benefit allows workers to cover their life expenses while they search for another position. As such, the most common situation for unemployment is when a company is making …

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Happy couple getting keys to new house from real estate agent

Buying a house is the American dream. It allows people to own their own piece of the world, to build equity, and to create a home for their family. The purchase of a home is often the largest purchase people will make in their lifetime. As such, there is often some hesitation and a fair …

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Probate Lawyers

When a person dies, they are no longer capable of owning their assets. Accordingly, assets that were previously in their name pass to those who are still living. If the deceased had a Last Will and Testament, their assets will pass according to that document. If not, their assets will pass according to state statute.1This …

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St Louis Wills and Estates Lawyer

One of the main functions of the probate court is to distribute assets of a person who has passed away. Unfortunately, the probate process can be time-consuming and expensive. The proceedings in probate court are a matter of public record, compromising the privacy of the deceased. With some planning, you can avoid probate altogether and …

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Missouri Real Estate Attorney | Foreclosure Lawyer in St. Louis

A foreclosure is the formal process by which a homeowner loses their right to a property because they fail to pay their mortgage. After the homeowner defaults on his or her obligations, they will have a short period of time in which they are allowed to try and make up the missed payments and work …

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St Louis Unemployment Attorney

One common question we hear is whether a person can collect unemployment benefits if they quit their job. The answer to this question is: it depends on the circumstances of your situation. Whether or not you can collect unemployment benefits in Missouri after quitting depends on the reasons that you left your job. Any applicant …

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