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last will and testament with dollar certificate and key.

Defining Undue Influence in Missouri When a person uses their power and control to deceive another person in order to exploit their dependence, trust, and fear concerning a certain matter, this is called undue influence. There are three elements which must exist, according to Missouri state law, in order to undue influence to have taken …

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Estate Planning Word Cloud Concept on a Chalkboard with great terms such as durable will financials lawyer executor probate and more.

A Will is a legal paper that states who receives your property when you die but it is important to note that a Will does not avoid the necessity of probate[1] and must be “probated” to have legal effect.  Many people prefer to pass some or all of their assets directly to their heirs without …

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Mature couple talking to financial planner at home

It is very difficult when a close family member or friend passes away.  If is necessary to become involved in estate litigation during that time, the process will seem even more overwhelming.  Whether currently involved in estate litigation or not, it can be helpful to have a basic understanding of common Missouri estate litigation terms. …

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Police officer writing a traffic citation while an unfortunate driver looks on from his car.

Traffic ticket fines and court fees vary by violation and county court within the state of Missouri.  Speeding tickets written in the state of Missouri by the Missouri State Highway Patrol are considered state law violations while municipal police agencies write tickets that can be prosecuted in State or Municipal Court. [1] The Missouri State …

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House keys and foreclosure notice in dramatic light

For those individuals who are behind in making their mortgage payments, or who expect to become behind in those payments, there are several options that you can discuss with a skilled foreclosure attorney.  One such option is called a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure, which allows the homeowner to offer a deed to the mortgage …

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Armed soldier with rifle standing and looking on horizon. Silhouette at sunset. War, army, military, guard.

Decades after the Vietnam War ended, Bill Casto is feeling the effects of Agent Orange, an herbicide he used to clear vegetation for the purpose of weapon disposal in Thailand. Fox 2 Now in St. Louis details the story here. Just 20 years old at the time, Casto was supporting his country and gladly taking …

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Real estate loan finance lender home foreclosure notice letter with set of house keys

There are many reasons why a homeowner is unable or otherwise stops making their monthly mortgage payment: Laid-off from work, fired or unemployed. Employment transfer to another state. Unable to work as a result of illness. Unable to work as a result of family difficulties. Excessive debt. When a homeowner becomes late with their monthly …

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Last Will and Testament Document Ready to Sign. Last Will Document and Fountain Pen Closeup Photo.

When a person dies with a proper Will in place, the administration of the estate usually proceeds without difficulty.  Unfortunately, some people die without a Will or with a Will that does not adhere to the terms of Missouri laws [1].  Another basis to dispute the terms of a Will involves the mental capacity of …

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Employee Handbook Manual Rules Regulations Code of Worker Conduct

Most employers are required by law to pay state and federal unemployment taxes1 in order to fund their state’s unemployment program. These programs generally provide unemployment benefits to individuals who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own or who leave their employment for good cause. An employer’s unemployment tax rate is in …

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Young dismissed female worker in office sitting near carton box with her belongings. Getting fired concept.

If you suddenly find out that you have lost your job, you may not know how to react or where to turn to plan for the immediate future without your usual source of income. Avoid burning bridges – When you leave your former job, avoid saying anything that may result in a less than favorable …

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