Defective Airbags Cause Injuries
April 10, 2015 Personal Injury No Comments

Airbags have become standard in all automobiles in order to protect motorists in the case of an auto collision. Airbags are meant to prevent drivers and passengers from hitting their heads on the dashboard, windshield, steering wheel, or other objects that may result in traumatic brain injuries and other types of head trauma. Additionally, side airbags are intended to keep motorists from being ejected out of the side of a vehicle in the case of rollovers and similar accidents. Despite their safety benefits, airbags also have the potential to be defective and cause injury.

Problems with deployment

In recent years, many cases have been filed regarding airbags defects and resulting injuries. Some of these cases involve the following:

  • Spontaneous deployment of the airbag in the absence of any type of collision—which generally leads a driver to lose control and crash.
  • Deployment of the airbag with too great of force that causes broken bones in the face, arms, and other serious injuries.
  • Airbags that explode on deployment due to defective inflators,1 often releasing metal shards or other internal parts into the vehicle and causing lacerations, puncture wounds, or death to motorists
  • Failure to deploy in the event of a crash.

If you have been injured by any type of airbag malfunction, you can bring a legal claim based on products liability2 principles. These principles include that every manufacturer has the responsibility to sell a reasonably safe product and should be held responsible for negligently selling or failing to recall a product that may be defective or dangerous and that may cause injury to consumers.

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