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Though thinking about the possibility of incapacitation or death is never pleasant, the truth is that fatal accidents or incidents may occur at any time. If you are suddenly involved in a tragic event, you want to make sure that your family and other loved ones are taken care of and that you know to whom your property and assets will be distributed. If you do not have an estate plan, you risk your property going to an unintended person or party while certain important loved ones receive nothing. It is never too early to discuss an estate plan, and every adult should contact an experienced St. Charles estate planning attorney to establish an estate plan.

Estate Planning Tools

When many people think of estate planning, you likely immediately think of writing a will. Though wills are a highly important tool in estate planning, there are also many other tools and options that you may utilize. We will go over every possibility and will help you develop a comprehensive estate plan that covers all of the necessary bases. Some examples of estate planning issues you may want to consider include the following:

  • Power of attorney designations
  • Healthcare directives
  • Life insurance policies
  • Revocable/Living trusts
  • Irrevocable trusts
  • Wills
  • Tax planning
  • Foundations or other charitable giving planning


Whether your estate is large or small, simple or complex, we know how to devise a plan that will protect you, your property, and your wishes.

Additionally, you always want to ensure that your estate plan is devised correctly so that it will hold up if later challenged in court. Our attorneys have extensive experience with a wide variety of estate planning options and work to make sure your estate plan is enforceable.

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If you want to ensure that your loved ones and estate are properly protected following your death, you should not delay in consulting with an experienced St. Charles attorney to discuss your estate planning options. We are committed to helping every individual choose the estate plan that best fits their needs, so please do not hesitate to contact our office to schedule a consultation today. Call (636) 947-3600.