Ways You Can Lose Your Unemployment Benefits
May 26, 2015 Unemployment No Comments

If you lose your job and qualify for unemployment benefits, you want to make sure that you continue receiving benefits for a long as possible. For this reason, you should always be aware of certain factors and situations that may result in loss of your benefits. The following are some ways that a person may lose their benefits:

Not actively seek new work – Missouri law1 requires that you actively look for a new job in order to receive benefits. If you cannot prove that you have been job-searching, you risk having your benefits canceled.

Turn down a suitable job – If you turn down a job without a good reason, you could be denied any further unemployment benefits. If you have a good reason—such as too-low wages or overly physically strenuous work—you may likely continue collecting unemployment.

Not report income – If you find temporary or part-time work, you must report all of your income to the unemployment provider. Not reporting income could result in allegations of unemployment fraud and loss of benefits.

Have an illness that prevents you from working – In order to receive benefits, you must be looking for work and be able to accept an offered job. If you are too ill to accept a job or perform work, your unemployment benefits may end and you may have to look into receiving disability instead.

Go on a long vacation – If you are on a long trip, you will also not be considered to be available for work and may risk losing your benefits.

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