Your Unemployment Eligibility
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In this technological age, it seems like the majority of individuals have social media profiles and sometimes multiple profiles across a number of sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, among others. People spend a significant amount of time updating their statuses and posting photos to demonstrate to friends, family, and sometimes even the public their opinions and activities. While social media sites can be enjoyable and keep people connected, they also may have adverse effects on many different types of legal matters and an unemployment case is no different.

Social media may jeopardize your unemployment benefits

Missouri statute1 sets out requirements for eligibility for unemployment benefits and the Missouri Department of Employment Security (DES)2 works to enforce these laws and ensure that everyone who is receiving unemployment benefits meets all of the requirements. If an individual posts certain information on social media and does not have the right privacy settings for their account, it is entirely feasible that the information may get back to DES and affect their case. Some information that you should never risk posting on social media can include:

  • That you have found a new job;
  • That you have enrolled in school;
  • That you are traveling for an extended period of time;
  • That you are otherwise not seeking a new job.

To receive unemployment, you must be available for work. Many people may not realize that their social media posts indicate that they are not, in fact, free to accept a new position immediately until it is too late and their benefits have ended.

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