Steps For Surviving A Job Loss
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Losing a job can be a traumatic event for you and your family. Suddenly and unexpectedly losing a source of household income can make it significantly more difficult to pay bills and cover other expenses, especially if you have no other job prospects lined up. There are many things you can do, however, that may make losing a job substantially easier. The following are some examples of ways to survive a sudden loss of a job.

Collect your final paycheck – After termination, Missouri law1 requires an employer to issue your final payment for all hours worked on the last day of employment or within seven days of you making a written request for the check.

Discuss any severance offers with an attorney – If you have been offered a severance package, your legal rights to file a future lawsuit may be limited, so always discuss legal implications with a lawyer.

Apply for unemployment compensation – The unemployment process can be complicated and you may find your claim denied. An attorney can help you qualify and can handle any necessary appeals.

Discuss any part-time job prospects with an attorney – If you decide to get a temporary or part-time job until you find full-time employment, it may limit your ability to collect unemployment, so it is always a good idea to talk about your situation with an unemployment lawyer before accepting part-time or temp work.

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