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Unemployment Lawyer in MS

Unemployment benefits are designed to help employees bridge the gap for unexpected and unmerited gaps in employment. Since most employers can hire and fire at will, this benefit allows workers to cover their life expenses while they search for another position. As such, the most common situation for unemployment is when a company is making …

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With the new unemployment laws defining “misconduct” in Missouri1 and other states, the number of unemployment benefits denials is expected to increase as more employers allege that employees were fired for misconduct and are, therefore, not eligible for benefits. While these laws are important to protect employers from having to pay increased taxes for employees …

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For many people, there is a clear separation with between their work life and their home life. Of course, the way that you conduct yourself with your friends and your family would rarely be the same way in which you would conduct yourself at the office or the workplace. For many people, however, the line …

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