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Most of us have heard of a trust. Whether you’ve been aware of the wealthy individual creating a trust for his or her favorite charity or the “trust-fund baby” you went to college with, chances are you are aware of the fact that trusts exist and they have something to do with money. The reality …

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Estate Planning Attorney St. Charles Missouri

You’ve put in the time and effort to create a legal trust that’s an effective tool for you right now, but what happens as your circumstances evolve? It’s something to think about, and a somewhat-recent case in Missouri highlights the importance of the issue. When it comes to your trust, don’t leave anything to chance; …

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St. Charles Trusts and Wills Attorney

When many people take the step to draft and execute a last will and testament, it can be all too easy to think the job is done and forget about the document. However, there are many circumstances under which you should definitely revisit your will and amend any terms as necessary. The following are only …

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