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Traffic ticket fines and court fees vary by violation and county court within the state of Missouri.  Speeding tickets written in the state of Missouri by the Missouri State Highway Patrol are considered state law violations while municipal police agencies write tickets that can be prosecuted in State or Municipal Court. [1] The Missouri State …

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St Louis Traffic Ticket

A great number of drivers will receive some type of traffic citation at some point in their driving tenure. While any encounter with police or the court system can be stressful, a traffic ticket is usually one of the most minor matters in criminal court. Most people associate a traffic ticket with simply paying a …

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Red Light Traffic Camera

The legal status and validity of tickets issued by red light cameras has been in question for some time in Missouri. Under the terms of a proposed settlement of a class action settlement, nearly 900,000 people who received the tickets may be eligible for a partial refund of any fines that were paid. The lawsuit …

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