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After losing a job, you will want to apply for unemployment compensation benefits while your search for a new job commences. Such benefits are extremely important as it can sometimes take weeks to find new work that is right for you. During your search, you may receive job offers that are less than ideal for one reason or another. However, turning down a job offer can, in many situations, disqualify you from receiving future unemployment checks.

You must accept “suitable” offers

You are, of course, not automatically required to accept any job offer that comes along. The determining factor is whether or not the job offered is deemed “suitable” for you based on your capabilities, experience, work history, and more. If you turn down a job offer that is considered “suitable,” you can become ineligible for unemployment. Job suitability is judged on a case-by-case basis by the Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations.1 They consider the following factors and more to be unsuitable:

  • Whether you have experience in the industry or position
  • If you have the physical capacity for the type of work required
  • Limitations on working hours
  • Substantially lower wages than your previous job
  • Whether the location would cause too great of a travel time and cost to commute
  • The type of work is significantly more hazardous than your previous work

While you are not expected to accept an unsuitable job, the unemployment system does not allow you to be overly picky regarding employment while you receive benefits. If your benefits are wrongfully canceled after you turned down a job, an attorney can help you argue that the job was not suitable for you.

Contact an experienced St. Louis and St. Charles unemployment lawyer for help today

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