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If you are like most people, you depend on regular paychecks in order to pay your rent or mortgage, buy food, and cover other expenses associated with day-to-day life. As a result, the sudden loss of your job can be terrifying and leave you scrambling to find an alternative source of income.

Fortunately, if you have lost your job through no fault of your own, there is a good chance that you are entitled to unemployment benefits through Missouri’s unemployment insurance program. These benefits provide unemployed workers with up to 20 weeks of benefits to help them pay their bills while they are seeking new employment.

While it is certainly possible to apply for and receive unemployment benefits without the assistance of an attorney, there are many ways that a lawyer throughout the process, two of which are discussed in the material below.


An Attorney Will Determine Your Eligibility

In order to be eligible or unemployment benefits, you must have lost your job through “no fault of your own.” Generally speaking, this means that if you were laid off or fired for a reason other than misconduct, you will be able to get benefits. There are some cases, however, in which eligibility for unemployment benefits is unclear. For example, if you left your job for good cause, you will be eligible for benefits. An attorney will review your case and let you know whether you are eligible for benefits in his or her opinion.


An Attorney Will Represent You if Your Former Employer Protests Your Claim

Employers may protest unemployment claims if they do not believe their former employees are eligible for benefits. They are financially incentivized to do so, as their unemployment tax rate is determined in part by the number of former employees that successfully file for benefits. When this occurs, a hearing is conducted where the employer and the employee may present evidence in support of their position. When you have a lawyer, he or she will represent you in this hearing and ensure that your rights are protected.


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If you have recently lost your job and believe that you may be entitled to benefits, it is in your best interests to contact an attorney as soon as possible. To discuss your situation with an experienced unemployment attorney, call the Law Offices of Kenneth P. Carp today at 636-947-3600 or contact us online.




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