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St. Louis & St. Charles Estate Planning Attorney

The law uses terms that don’t always make sense to people who haven’t been through law school, and “codicil“ is one of them. A will codicil is simply a document that amends the terms of an existing will. Codicils can do a lot of things to an existing will, including explain ambiguous terms, add new …

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St. Louis Estate Litigation Lawyer

When it comes to trusts, few people are more important than the trustee. A trustee is an appointed person who is trusted with the management of all the contents in the trust. Given their job, everyone can envision the ideal trustee: a prudent, conscientious saint who understands that they are bound only by their fiduciary …

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Bankruptcy Attorney St. Louis

Bankruptcy can meet your financial goals in many different ways. To access the debt relief tools that are right for them, however, debtors must identify the specific problems they wish to address. An experienced Missouri bankruptcy attorney can help debtors find the most effective measures for meeting their financial goals. How Foreclosure Works in Bankruptcy …

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Business Be Affected By An Unemployment Claim

The majority of employers in the U.S. are required to pay taxes to help fund state unemployment insurance programs. If a number of unemployment claims are filed by former employees, your company’s tax liability could substantially increase. How your company will be affected by a particular claim will depend on many different factors. Status of …

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VA Bills

Government demands widow repay mistaken VA payments, plus interest. The widow of a WWII vet says she didn’t want to take VA benefits, but the government insisted. Now bureaucrats want the money back, with interest. Fox 2`s Chris Hayes dug into a bizarre battle over thousands of dollars, despite a widow`s desire to do the …

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