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bankruptcyFinancial problems can be a tremendous source of stress for many people and may negatively affect many aspects of your life. There are many reasons that financial problems can occur, including the loss of a job, unexpected health problems, accidents, and just plain bad luck. Sometimes, debts can get so out of control that there a debtor has no option other than filing for bankruptcy in order to restructure or eliminate certain debts. Whether bankruptcy is right for you depends on a variety of factors, and discussing your situation with a St. Louis bankruptcy attorney is often the first step to a brighter financial future.

Among the most common form of consumer bankruptcy in Missouri is a type of bankruptcy known as Chapter 7. Also known as a liquidation bankruptcy, Chapter 7 operates by liquidating a debtor’s non-exempt assets and using the proceeds to pay off outstanding debts. Many of the debts that are not paid off are discharged in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The law does not seek to leave people destitute after a bankruptcy, however, and exempts several types of property from liquidation. Some exemptions in Missouri include the following:

  • Homestead – equity in your home up to $15,000, or $5,000 in the case of a mobile home.
  • Wages
  • Pensions
  • Insurance policies
  • Personal property, such as clothing, household goods, musical instruments, animals, up to $3,000
  • Vehicles, up to $3,000
  • Work tools
  • $1,250 of any property (wildcard exemption) for heads of household, $400 for others, and $250 per child

There are other exemptions available as well, and it is important to discuss your situation with an attorney who is familiar with Missouri bankruptcy law. A bankruptcy attorney can help make sure that you keep as much of your property as possible while taking advantage of the debt relief provisions offered by bankruptcy.

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