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Kenneth P. Carp

Attorney Kenneth P. Carp

Among an attorney’s many obligations, he or she has the obligation to practice law in consideration of the defenseless and oppressed. In fact, this very issue is part of the oath that every attorney must take in order to obtain the privilege of practicing law in the state of Missouri. Some attorneys take this obligation more seriously than others, and those who provide exemplary public service may be recognized by the Missouri Bar with a Pro Bono Publico Award. The award is given to four Missouri attorneys each year: one from the St. Louis metropolitan area, one from the Kansas City metropolitan area, and two from elsewhere in the state.

Attorney Kenneth P. Carp has been nominated to receive a Pro Bono Publico award by his colleagues this year based in part in connection with his service with being appointed trustee over the Law Office of Jeffery Witt in 2013. Attorney Jeffery Witt disappeared last year after increasingly erratic behavior and legal problems of his own. Upon returning to the United States on a flight from Istanbul, Turkey in March, 2014, Witt was arrested by federal agents based on alleged crimes committed in connection with attempting to fraudulently obtain a line of credit.

As trustee of Witt’s law practice, Mr. Carp has donated over 600 hours of his time to help Witt’s former clients wrap up their legal matters or find additional representation. Among the issues that he has helped resolved include:

  • Contacted more than 1,000 of Witt’s former clients and dealt with issues related to Witt’s role as registered agent for approximately 40 Missouri corporations.
  • Handled traffic-related and warrant issues in a variety of circuit courts.
  • Found legal representation for several of Witt’s clients who were owed money for personal injury settlements which were paid out but never received.
  • Assisted a grandmother secure local representation in a matter regarding her grandchild’s custody status. Mr. Carp’s involvement allowed for options other than foster care to be considered by the court.

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