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Kenneth P. CarpAttorney Kenneth Carp wants to remind  everyone that the legal file on their case that an attorney builds when they use the services of an attorney belongs to them – the client.  This is a timely reminder given that Kenneth Carp is in the process of writing 964 former clients of suspended attorney, Jeffrey Witt.  As the court appointed Trustee responsible for the securing and protecting client files.   Attorney Kenneth Carp wants former clients of Jeff Witt to know they have a few choices regarding their legal files.  They can ask Kenneth Carp to destroy their files, pick their files up from the Law Office of Kenneth Carp or do nothing.  Former clients can send an –email to Kenneth Carp at and open a dialogue about what their intentions are and the best way for their needs to be met.

What many people do not know about Kenneth Carp’s appointment as Trustee is that it as a non-paid service that he is providing to the State of Missouri.  He says that it is his way to provide a service to a profession and citizens that have provided him excellent adventures over the years.  Kenneth Carp would welcome the opportunity to meet former clients of Jeff Witt and if they ever have legal needs in the future then Kenneth Carp would welcome the opportunity to discuss providing those services.

Feel free to call Kenneth Carp at 636-947-3600 or email him at if you would like to  discuss this blog or learn about his firm.  His goal is to become your “Lawyer For Life”.

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