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Unemployment benefits assist many of the more than 165,000 Missouri residents1 who are currently unemployed by providing them with weekly payments to help them cover their expenses while they search for a new job. Not everyone who is unemployed automatically qualifies for benefits, however, as Missouri law2 sets out many eligibility requirements. The following are some of the requirements in Missouri:

  • You were terminated from a job through no fault of your own OR you quit for good cause (the cause must be related to the employer or the work). You generally will not be approved for unemployment if you voluntarily left your job without a qualified reason and in good faith.
  • You earned a certain amount in your “base period.” The base period is a period of twelve months that is determined based on during which quarter you filed your unemployment claim. You can meet the earnings requirements in different ways and an attorney can help advise you whether your earnings were sufficient.

When you apply for benefits, the Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations3 will review your application and will determine whether or not you meet the qualifications to start receiving payments. Even if you are initially denied, you will have the chance to appeal the decision and show that you do, in fact, meet the necessary requirements. For example, if you are denied because you quit your job, you may present evidence that you had good cause or were constructively discharged in order to appeal your denial. Too often, individuals do not apply or appeal because they believe they will not qualify though an experienced attorney can help you provide evidence and arguments in order to receive an approval for benefits whenever possible. 

Contact an experienced St. Louis unemployment lawyer to discuss your case today

Whether you have quit your job or have been fired, you should always discuss your case with an experienced unemployment attorney to decide if you can qualify to receive unemployment benefits. Kenneth P. Carp has handled many unemployment cases and understands the unemployment laws in Missouri. If you are in or around St. Louis, please call our office today at 314-380-5496.


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