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Many things can happen to your estate after your death. To ensure that your survivors honor your wishes, hire an attorney to draft a will that is both clear in its terms and legally binding upon your heirs. Without a will, default legal rules of intestacy (dying without a will) take effect, and people whom you have never met can end up with your property. Prevent this and other estate problems by consulting with an experienced St. Louis estate planning attorney. By accessing the right legal tools, your estate attorney can give your wishes the full force of law—even after you can no longer enforce them yourself.

What Provisions Should My Will Include?

You can achieve many different goals through specific provisions in your will. First, however, identify your goals so that an estate planning attorney can find the right legal tools to meet them. Common—and important—provisions to include in any will follow.

Executor (estate administrator):

The executor of your will (sometimes called an estate administrator) will distribute and dispose of your property in accordance with your wishes. Choose someone you trust to honor your wishes—someone with experience dealing with financial and legal matters who can ably meet an estate administrator’s duties. When you name an executor in a will, the probate court must confirm the nomination by officially appointing your nominee as the legal executor. Heirs have the opportunity to challenge the appointment of an executor if they have legal grounds to do so. If for example, the executor used undue influence over the decedent while the will was drafted, this may preclude the executor’s appointment.

Disposition of property:

Most people make wills to distribute their property after they die—but this task can be more complex than it seems. “Property” includes all real estate interests, household goods, inheritances, life insurance proceeds, vehicles, retirement accounts, and more. The many different ways to dispose of these properties can include willing them to friends, family members, charitable organizations, or other legal entities (such as businesses). You can identify contingent heirs in the event that the primary heirs die or fail to live up to conditions specified in the will. You can use many creative options to ensure the disposal of your property in exact accordance with your wishes.

Experienced Representation for Comprehensive Estate Planning

You can take control of your financial affairs, health care decisions, and living arrangements in many ways. Experienced Missouri estate planning attorney Kenneth P. Carp can help you access the right estate planning tools for you. Call (636) 947-3600 today or contact us online to schedule your consultation. Kenneth Carp will protect your wishes so that you can take control of your future.

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