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Most of us have heard of a trust. Whether you’ve been aware of the wealthy individual creating a trust for his or her favorite charity or the “trust-fund baby” you went to college with, chances are you are aware of the fact that trusts exist and they have something to do with money. The reality …

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Everyone knows the saying “More money, more problems.” A large lump sum pursuant to a personal injury settlement or inheritance seems like a silver lining to an unfortunate event; however, often it only leads to more concerns. This is particularly true when the funds are for someone who needs on-going care over just a lump …

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St. Louis Estate Litigation Lawyer

When it comes to trusts, few people are more important than the trustee. A trustee is an appointed person who is trusted with the management of all the contents in the trust. Given their job, everyone can envision the ideal trustee: a prudent, conscientious saint who understands that they are bound only by their fiduciary …

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St. Louis Estate Planning Lawyer

What is a Trust? A trust is a legal arrangement in which on party transfers assets to another party, who holds those assets “in trust” for the benefit of others. The party who creates the trust is called the “grantor” or “settlor,” the party that holds the assets is known as the “trustee,” and the party …

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