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State and federal law provide that workers who lose their jobs through no fault of their own are often eligible for unemployment benefits for temporary periodic payments. As is often the case with legal matters, these words are deceptively simple. The legal rules regarding unemployment benefits are actually extremely complicated and often implicate state statutes, federal law, administrative regulations, and state and federal case law. As a result, both employers and employees can benefit from the counsel and representation of an experienced St. Louis unemployment lawyer. To schedule a free consultation with unemployment lawyer Kenneth P. Carp, call our office today at 636-947-3600.

Assisting clients at every stage of an unemployment benefits claim or appeal

The process of obtaining unemployment benefits begins when an individual who has lost his or her job makes a claim for benefits through the Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations Division of Unemployment Security. An initial determination is made by a Deputy, both parties have the ability to appeal that decision within 30 days. At an unemployment benefits appeal hearing, both parties have the opportunity to present evidence in support of their position as well as examine and cross-examine witnesses. The assistance of an attorney can be helpful at any point in the process of filing for or protesting unemployment benefits. Some of the ways a lawyer can help include:

  • Assisting you in the initial filing process
  • Gathering and presenting evidence on your behalf
  • Filing a protest of unemployment benefits
  • Representing employers or employees in any quasi-judicial or judicial proceedings that may occur
  • Filing an appeal of an adverse determination
  • Assisting employers in developing policies or internal procedures that minimize unemployment insurance tax liability
  • Establishing good cause for voluntarily leaving a job
  • Presenting evidence of employee misconduct

Of course, how an attorney can help depends on the specific circumstances of your situation. Both employers and employees with questions or issues related to employment law can benefit from discussing their case with an experienced St. Louis unemployment lawyer.

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St. Louis unemployment lawyer Kenneth P. Carp has over 20 years practicing law and has experience representing a diverse clientele in a variety of unemployment law matters. To schedule a free consultation with Mr. Carp, call our office today at 636-947-3600.